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Shirt sizes chart



NSW Veterans Table Tennis Code of Conduct

The following guidelines may help to ensure the Veterans’ competition runs in a happy and efficient manner.

  1. Effective Communication

Captaining a team of players requires extra time and effort. The Committee is grateful to those players who have agreed to take on this responsibility. It is suggested that:

  • Players know the contact details of each player in their team.
  • The captain rosters all players in a fair manner, ensuring team members wishing to meet the specified Selection Criteria to represent NSW at the National competition, do so.
  • Players should inform their captains of their availability to play specified matches as early as possible so that a full team is at the venue and ready to play when required.
  • A captain struggling to field a full team should contact the Grade Convenor who can help with reserve players.

NOTE: A new Initiative of the Beaumont Memorial Captain’s Cup and Shield has been introduced to recognise the efforts of Captains in the efficient running of the Veterans Challenge competition.

  1. Dress Code

Unlike some sports, the dress code for table tennis is of a general nature based on respect for each other and, where appropriate, our duty of care toward young players.

  • White or very light clothing is prohibited as it makes it difficult to see the white ball.
  • Clothing should be conservative in nature. In particular, no midriff or buttocks should be visible for either men or women
  • When representing NSW, the full and correct state uniform must be worn.
  1. Common Courtesies of the Game

Veterans’ table tennis is played for competitive fun.  ITTF table tennis rules apply to all matches.  See the ITTF Handbook  for a comprehensive description of the Laws of the Game and the Regulations of Play.  The game is played in a spirit of friendship and mutual assistance. It aims to foster friendly sporting competition and eliminate unfair or unsporting practices.

Common courtesies of the game include:

  • No rudeness or offensive language is acceptable.
  • Players are expected to behave respectfully to their opponent and shake hands with each other and the umpire at the completion of each match.
  • Players are expected to be available and ready to play when required.
  • Each player should take their turn at umpiring matches
  1. Parking

Parking is hard at Homebush. Street parking is available for 2 hrs but rangers are vigilant. Day parking is available in the Superdome car park (P 1) @ $5 per hour with a max. of $25 for the day. Parking is available at Lidcombe with a direct train service to Olympic Park.

  1. Team Uniform

    For new NSW team members, we recommend purchasing the uniform package, which consists of 4 x shirts plus a tracksuit for $200. The style can either be A, B or C team style. 

    For existing NSW team members, the costs are; a shirt is $40, STIGA inspiration tracksuit is $100.

    Shirt sizes chart

  2. Communication with the NSW Veterans Committee

Peter Wood is the President of the NSW Veterans Committee and can be contacted on 0419 888 989. Concerns and suggestions  can be sent to the Vets Secretary -Jennifer Aduckiewicz at email    or posted to 7 Marmion Rd Abbotsford 2046 (0408291942)



NOTE - Information about the Veterans Challenge Entry Conditions can be downloaded below: