The following new table tennis model “Have A Go" has been developed with the expertise of teachers. It caters for all ages and all abilities and is fun, engaging and easy to implement. We can cater for students with a disability.

You don’t need a table tennis table - any table can be used with our retractable net.

Our staff will organise and conduct district/regional gala and competition day events.


We provide a manual with all the lessons, activities and information FOR FREE. A full copy of the resource can be emailed to a coordinating teacher as well as a link to video resources.

We provide our $600 kit with 15 retractable nets, 30 bats and 50 balls FOR FREE for 3 weeks to implement lunchtime, class or sport time programs (great for wet weather). Try before you buy the concept. After 3 weeks your school can purchase the kit or we will arrange for it to be moved to another school. (Sporting Schools money could purchase the kit). Coaches can also be provided. End-of-term gala days for districts and regions can also be arranged.

90-minute TPL session for schools

Short on storage?
If you want to purchase a table tennis table and storage is a problem just buy a table tennis top that sits on a desk/s. When stacked up against a wall they take up only a small space.

Ross Abbott
Schools Manager