OPEN NOW: Play Our Way Program

Published Tue 02 Apr 2024


Offered by the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care, the Play Our Game Program offers widescale funding to promote equitable access, build more suitable facilities, and support grassroots initiatives to engage women and girls in sport and physical activity across Australia.

Available Funding:

  • $50,000 to $1,000,000

Eligible Projects:

  • Female Participation Program
  • Initiatives that increase participation of women and girls in sport
  • Creation or modification of programs that provide participation opportunities to disadvantaged women and girls
  • Female coaching and officiating programs tailored to encourage females to pursue roles within clubs or organisations
  • High-quality sports equipment tailored for women and girls

This is one of the BEST opportunities for clubs and organisations to receive funding towards their female participation projects! Get in touch with us using the button above to learn how we can assist you in being successful.


Looking to Develop Your Club’s Female Participation?

Female Participation Program

As time progresses, it becomes more imperative that sport is accessible to everyone. Any Club with ambitious growth goals must understand that diversifying participation to include Females and an inclusive member base is essential and one of the easiest ways to grow your Club.

The Female Participation Program is all about finding ways to diversify your Club by appealing a wider range of potential participants.



What does a Female Participation Program Include?

  • Club Builder’s Strategic Female & Inclusive Participation Framework
  • A concise Club Action Plan, detailing the next steps that the Club needs to take to implement the plan
  • Identification of areas of opportunity for the Club based on sport, location, demographics, and other factors
  • Visualisations of multiple future growth scenarios for the Club’s teams and players, with specific analysis of growth by age-group, development phase, program, and gender

Upon completion, the comprehensive plan is the Club’s to keep and is presented to the Club’s committee at the Boardroom Briefing.


Interested in Applying for Grants? The Club Builder Grant Assistance Program Can Help You

The Club Builder Grant Assistance Program is a package that offers your Club all-round support in applying for grants. It consists of:

1) A Club Builder Grant Ready Plan

The Club Builder Grant Ready Plan aims to provide your Club with a plan to successfully navigate the complex world of grants and funding. This will establish a clear outline for your Club’s future grant activity that supports your Club’s long-term aspirations. This includes a timeline, action plan, and list of target grants to apply for.

2) Grant Application

After identifying appropriate Grants to apply for, Club Builder will assist the Club with the writing and lodging of a Grant.


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Talk to us About our Grant Assistance Program

Talk to us About our Grant Assistance Program